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Our Identity

We are a people committed to offering solutions to the plaguing problems across all generations.

Our Vision

To grow humanity, innovation, creativity and consistency in societal growth.

our Mission

To identify societal gaps and offer solutions that promote the preservaion of human dignity and values.

Together, we reach the goal.

Our Core Values

  • People

  • Service to others

  • Innovation

  • Competence

  • Efficiency

  • Dependability

  • Effectiveness

  • Sustainability

our solutions...

...are tangible, sustainable and meant just for you. Here at Naera, we pay close attention to your needs and customize the best solution for you, making sure that you are as happy as the people you are passionately helping.

The world needs your help, and it's our job to show you how best to give it.



your success... important to us. We ensure that through the various CSR projects, your brand grows and the world gets to see you through your eyes. We emphasize on the things that are important to you and maximize on the passion that drives you as an organization. 

Get a chance to show love to those around you and let them see that they matter to you as much as you matter to them. 



Our Team... working day in day out to bring out the best in you and those that matter to you. We have well trained individuals who are responsible for the creativity, planning, logistics, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, as well as brand management of your CSR projects and portfolio.

We can't afford to let you down.

Why us?


You don't need to think about it!

We come up with projects that best suit your needs as an organization and ensure that we correctly portray all that you're passionate about.


Planning and Implementation

You don't need to sweat it!

We properly plan and carry through your project to the end, without you having to lift a finger.


What We Offer


You don't need to talk about it!

We ensure that during the entire period of implementing your project, it's your name that is prominent. We go the full length of printing out company magazines, posting on social media,  giving you on-site marketing platforms, and get your name on everyone's lips in order to build your portfolio and sell your products/services.  


Monitoring and Evaluation

You don't need to do paperwork!

When all is said and done, we analyze all the data on your behalf and give you information that can guide your future plans in terms of knowing what work for you and what doesn't, and what you can change.



Persons With Disabilities Education Fund


Access to higher levels of education for students with special needs means better chances for them to integrate into society in general and to employment in particular so that they might sustain themselves financially and with dignity.

This project was launched with the aim of seeing PWD students start and complete their education successfully so as to help in the capacity building of our great nation and also foster a culture of national involvement in the education sector. Naera Limited intends to ensure that there is exponential growth in the number of PWD students who go through the entire system of education (especially tertiary education) as we also mold them into fully baked graduates who are job-market ready.



Click here to join this initiative and make a difference in someone's life today. 

Works in Progress

The Last Mile Initiative


Timely completion of basic tertiary education has become a burden to many students in Kenya as there is a rising epidemic of lack of college tuition fees that has crippled several. Most students begin their degree courses with the hope that they will graduate in 3-5 years. 

However, so many students drop out due to financial constraints and opt to join the job market, as half-baked as they are, to gather enough money to complete their degree courses. 

The Last Mile Initiative was launched to curb that need. Naera Limited provides a financial solution to this problem by identifying those who have dropped out and giving them the opportunity to complete their course and achieve their dreams. Through this initiative, many organizations that are passionate about education can channel their CSR funding into those students and therefore achieve their CSR mandate whilst giving hope to the hopeless.


Click here to join this initiative and make a difference in someone's life today. 

Meet The Team!

Nathaneal Macharia

Founding Director


Emmanuel Keya

Founding Director


Arnold Kundu

Managing Director

Cynthia Ndirangu


Contact us

Naera Limited,

Galana Plaza,

Galana Road,



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